Manson Hobby Room x Stedi Professional Set


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Presenting the Manson Hobby Room x Stedi Professional Set, a collaboration between GBWC Champion Manson Ng and Stedi. This comprehensive kit features model-making essentials like Nipper, sandpapers, scribing tools, sanding plates, and more. Elevate your modeling game with this all-in-one, high-quality set designed for precision and creativity. Get yours now and craft your masterpieces with ease!
Tool set contains:
Model Single-Edge Shears (Nipper), Pliers, Spare Spring, Limit Adjustment Wrench, Scribing Needle, Scribing Needle Pencil, Pen Knife, Pen Knife Blade, Tweezers, Sanding Plate Sticker, Fine Polishing File, Pan Cap*2, Detail Sanding Plate*4, Regular Sanding Plate*3, Adhesive Backed Sandpaper*3 (#600, #800, #1000)
Do not cut plastic materials over 3mm
Please don't cut the metal material
Do not cut with the tip of the blade, otherwise the blade may break.
The jaws are very thin and sharp, please use them carefully.
Tools should be kept away from children.
Some of the products in the set are sharp, so please keep them out of the reach of children to avoid unnecessary injuries.

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