GN Drive LED


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Brand: Nil
Made in China
Item: GN Drive LED set, 2 LED included (1 x breathing effect & 1 x revolving effect)
Color assortment: Green / Amber / Red / blue (8 LED on revolving LED unit, 1 LED on breathing LED)
Size: 18.6 x 11.5mm / 18.6 x 8mm
Spec: compatible for most of model kit, no plastic box cover LED. 1 x CR1632 (120ma, 3V cell batteries) included. * some countries NOT allow shipment with batteries, which will withdraw before shipment *
Magnet control, put magnet near IC sensor for turn on or off.
Change mode: Put magnet near IC sensor for 1 second:
Breath LED: 5 mode, Bright > Slow twinkling > Fast twinkling > Twinkling > Low light and twinkling 
Revolving LED: 7 mode, Low speed revolving > Mid speed revolving > High speed revolving > Low light > Bright > Brightest with high speed revolving > Brightest with low speed revolving.

* All LED tested before shipment.
* LED unit did not come with cover.
* GN drive plastic kit only for reference, NOT in this product.
* Supplier have right to change LED units on revolving unit.

No replacement for incorrect use.

Reference of LED quantity.

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