Char Aznable Red Comet 1/6 action figure

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Red Comet 1/6 action figure
Head height: approx. 30cm
He put on a mask, which not only covered up his identity and real name, but also completely cut himself from the past of happiness.
He embarked on a thorny road. On that road, there is only revenge, conspiracy and unpaid ambition.
He has a prominent status but a lot of fate, and has achieved excellent results with extraordinary driving skills.
This man is a red comet that marked the times.
Product contains:
Action body*1
Military uniform*1
Military trousers*1
Military boots*1
Magnetic space rifle*1
Detachable helmet head carving*1
Floating hair head carving*1
Replaceable glove hand shape*5
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ETA: Q3, 2024

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