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Brand: Artisans-Club
Scale: 1/24
Item: 1/24 Crossbone X1 avatar resin kit
Box size: TBC
Weight: approx. to 1Kg
Available in: Aug, 2018

Product introduction product introduction overview:
■ This product is the original prototype GK white mold original, which needs to be repaired and painted.
■ This product is a 1/24 proportion avatar full GK kit, which contains all the resin parts required for production. Electronic accessories 

Product packaging list:
■ avatar solid color resin parts 76 pieces avatar transparent resin parts 4 pieces
■ special base resin parts 6 pieces
■ X1 style special metal etching piece 1 part
■ special water transfer printing stickers 1 part
■ human body induction Module and USB power supply module 1
■ LED light group and supporting circuit accessories 1

After-sales regulations:
■ Parts missing or damaged due to transportation or factory packaging factors, enjoy free repairs within 15 days from product delivery;
■ The damage caused by the player during the production process, provide paid repair services;
■ After-sales policy applies to the official Taobao shop and any online and offline agents, dealers, physical stores, please keep the shopping credentials

Technical team prototype development:
craftsmanship -O Sample of finished products: MS-STUDIO (Golden Mould Workshop), GMD-Marble Photography/Copywriter: Super Sailing Art Support: Krators Prototype Supervision: Krators

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