SCI-FI Revoltech Series No.031 Iron Man War Machine

one sixth

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Manufacturer : Kaiyodo , Ken Elephant
Scale : Non
Producer : Tomohide Enoki
Series : SCI-FI Revoltech
Original : Marvel Universe

Copyright Iron Man 2, the Movie(C)2011 MVL Film Finance LLC. Marvel, Iron Man, all character names and their distinctive likenesses:
TM &(C)2011 Marvel Entertainment, LLC and its subsidiaries. All Rights Reserved.

- Systemic heavy weapons, the overwhelming volume modeling the heavy feeling of heavily armed suit design
Also included effect parts and machine gun mounted Gatling gun to reproduce the battle scenes in the movie!

- Iron Man Mark Revoltech SFX 6 (No.024) powered suit modified for combat as a second Iron Man Mark 2 Iron Man series, following the War Machine appearance
- [War Machine] systemic heavy weapons as the name of the overwhelming volume of unchanged design in molding the image of the heavily armed
- Use a 22 revolver in massive proportions, provides a high degree of mobility as well as the freedom to reproduce poses 
- The shoulder is the main feature of the Gatling Gun War Machine uses two 6mm joints can move freely in different directions
- Included effect is given to parts of the arms and machine gun gatling gun, reproducible intense battle scenes in the movie
- Representing the image in the drama of the War Machine armor parts marking painted Gun Metal Gray and hard feeling
- Iron Man Mark 6 (No.024) alongside "play partner" can be reproduced in the play as a battle scene in the late

- Optional part
× 2 parts for the machine-effect
Effect parts for the Gatling gun × 1
× 1 ammunition belt
Optional hands × 4
Name plate × 1

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Item Size/Weight : 21.5 x 21.5 x 6.7 cm / 310g

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