DL > A. White shields: Astraea / Avalanche set (For Bandai MB use)


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Brand: DL-model
Product: A. White shields: Astraea / Avalanche set (For Bandai MetalBuild use)
Scale: 1/100
Made in China

Multi-combination of shields:
1. Defense type
2. Defense type II
3. Floating type
4. Gun type
5. Attack type

Addition connector parts can apply on back, arms, knees, waist, avalanche sword, etc
Heavy armor form, curved gun shape can assemble!

Product Contains:
Total of 35 runners, about 270 parts
1. Multi-floating shield x 8 packs
2. DL water slide decal x 0
3. Color detail sticker x 1
4. Connector x 1 (Special for Bandai MetalBuild use)

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3. HobbyStar Astraea
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9. Bandai MG Exia
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Net weight: approx 0.6kg
Box size: 25 x 18 x 12cm

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