Customize Scene Base (City Area Ver.) (Display)


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Brand: Bandai
Item: Customize Scene Base (City Area Ver.) (Display)
Made in Japan
Package Size (approx.) 28 x 23 x 5 cm 

Weight (approx.)  0.2Kg
100% New.
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 Copyright BANDAI SPIRITS 2020

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- 30 Minutes Missions Series

--Ideal for exhibiting 1/144 scale plastic models! Expand your own world view with a customized scene base that can reproduce various scenes!

--Reproduce the realistic [city area]. Includes building and road effects.
--The road surface is textured and the wires are reproduced with lead wires.
-A powerful diorama can be reproduced just by combining multiple items.

・ Scene base x 1 set
・ Lead wire x 1

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